Beyond Classrooms

House colors

On admission every student is placed in a co-circular/ cultural group/ house namely: Nanak (Yello), arjun (blue), Theressa (Red) and Kalam (green) Respectively


Personal Hygiene

Special emphasis is laid on all round cleanliness in school, personal hygiene of all children, clean/portable drinking water. Annual medical is done of all the students by a qualified doctor. The parents are advised if required for any health problems of the children detected during the medical examinations.

Co-curricular activities

In order to bring about all round development of the child´s personality an emphasis is laid on co-curricual activities like games & sports, music, dance, drama, debates and other cultural activities through the healthy competitions between four houses formed in the school.



A child has to pass in all subjects in order to get promotion to the next class. Promotion is based on the final result which is the average of all three examinations.


Parent Teacher Meeting

There will be three parent teachers meeting in July, October, and January respectively to discuss the progress of the children.


First Aid/ Medical Checkup

The school will maintain a first aid box with necessary medicines. It will deal with all cases of minor ailments and injuries. The school will also provide to each student a complete Medical checkup by a registered medical practitioner two times in an academic year i.e. July and January.